Working in the Nordic Countries

Nordiska Sceninstruktørers Råd
The Council of Nordic Stage Directors

NSIR was created to spread information and promote co-operation between stage directors in the five Nordic countries. The Council meets at least once a year to discuss pertinent issues and to propose projects beneficial to stage directors in the member countries.
The Council also actively promotes mobility for stage directors within our region and to this aim publishes here contact information to Union representatives for stage directors in all Nordic countries as well as adresses to our websites where our collective agreements are published.

If you are going to work in another Nordic country it is wise to contact the Union there before signing a contract, as the language, customs regarding work and copyright and the definitions involved might differ greatly than what you are used to at home.


TF/SRF Svenska regissörsföreningen
contact: Niclas Turesson
+46 771 456 337


NScF – Norsk Sceneinstruktørforening
contact: Johan Osuldsen
phone: (+47 986 95 958)


Suomen Teatteriohjaajien liitto
Finland Stage Directors
phone: (+358 925112147)


Félag Leikstjóra á Íslandi
Islandic Assosiation of Stage, Film and TV Directors
contact: Kolbrún Halldórsdóttir
phone: (+3534 862 4808)


Foreningen af Danske Sceneinstruktører, FDS
The Association of Danish Stagedirectors
Contact: Mille Herum Dideriksen